dashcam installation at GDK








5 great reasons to fit a dashcam or dashboard camera in your car:

* Provides valuable evidence in the event of a non-fault accident
* Can save you up to 15% on car insurance premiums with some insurers
* Can help to protect your no claims discount
* Protect yourself against “Crash for Cash” scams
* You might be able to post a great video on YouTube or earn £250 from You’ve Been Framed!

In all seriousness, with fraulent insurance and personal injury claims on the increase in the UK, not to mention car-jacking attempts and other horrid road crime, it is becoming increasingly important to protect our own interests.  The presence of an in-car camera will often mean that would be criminals won’t target you at all, rather like the sight of a burglar alarm box on a house; and that’s got to be good news.  However, in the event of being a victim or even a witness to any kind of road incident, the camera footage will prove invaluable and can:-

* prove the innocence of the innocent parties
* enable prosecutions
* save you hours of heartache in the event of a false claim against you

It’s a sad fact of life that the UK is getting so litigous.  Don’t be a victim, you can easily protect yourself, your reputation and your no claims discount.

Check out the amazing image quality from dashcam cameras as a car fitted with a dashcam follows a delivery vehicle around town.


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