Do we buy and sell cars or find cars?

August 14th, 2013 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business One Response

People often ask me if I can either sell their car for them or if I know anyone that is looking for a car like theirs. I am always glad to put one of my customers in touch with another, for everyone’s benefit, that way I still get to look after the car, and they get the car they needed. So if you want to sell or buy a car please give me a call, you never know it may be simpler than you thought to sell/buy your car. If you want to tell us about the car you want to sell or the car you’d like to buy, let us know here or on our facebook page: GDK Garages.

One comment on “Do we buy and sell cars or find cars?

  1. Emile Cohen on said:

    For Sale: Mercedes 2002 (51 Reg) C-180 4dr Saloon Petrol Automatic, good condition. 107,000 miles , one driver with a complete service history, eight years with GDK Garages. Price reduced to £1600 . If interested contact Emile: 07740 162160

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