Is your air-conditioning up to the job?

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We know that many drivers only use their air conditioning at the height of summer, mistakenly believing it will save fuel. In fact, opening the windows for ventilation instead makes your vehicle less aerodynamic so it consumes more petrol.

If you turned on your air conditioning when the sun made its first appearance recently and noticed it wasn’t working as efficiently as it should be, that’s because it needs some TLC.

Air conditioning should be used year round in conjunction with your car’s heating system to dry the air before it’s heated and prevent condensation. If your air conditioning system isn’t used for six months of the year the seals can dry out, causing it to leak and become less effective.

If you want to get your air conditioning in shape for summer, book it in for a service at GDK Garages. We will:

- Check gas levels in the system and re-gas to the correct level
- Vacuum out the system to boil off any moisture
- Identify any leaks by adding ultraviolet dye (invisible to the naked eye)
- Replace any cabin filter that may be clogged with pollen and debris

The first five readers to book an air conditioning service will pay a discounted rate of just £50 instead of the standard price of £65*. Call 020 8959 6776 and quote NEWS!

*Prices exclude parts

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