My car is using too much fuel. Should I change it?

October 22nd, 2011 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

I get asked this question a lot. Firstly how much is too much fuel. And how are you measuring it?if you are using to old “I put xx amount in and I’ve only done 40 miles” that method fails to take into account in amount that fuel has risen and you are getting less than you were before. Some of my customers change for something smaller and more economical, but bear in mind small economical cars are in demand and are at a premium, if you don’t need to change your car for any other reason other than fuel consumption, it’s an expensive way to save money. Best way to save money on fuel is in my opinion, keep tyres pumped up, it’s amazing how much fuel is used trying to drive a car with low tyre pressures, anything up to 15% extra. Remove a roof rack when not in use. Drive gently without harsh acceleration, read the road, if the traffic is slow ahead of you then come up to it slowly and gently, if you adopt a smoother gentler style of driving, overall you can save an amazing amount of fuel. And do you really need to make that short journey, the car from cold takes 2 miles to warm up at least, and if you are only driving locally it won’t warm up at all, and this type of driving uses the most fuel, if the journey is esential ok you have to do it, but if you can walk then why no do so, I hope these thoughts have been helpful. As ever if you want to talk to us our details are on the contact page.

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