My car smells funny and I don’t feel well.

June 25th, 2011 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

An interesting scenario, a reader of that esteemed organ The Daily Telegraph recently wrote to Honest John, their motoring correspondent explaining that they ( MC of Penarth) had begun to feel unwell with breathing difficulties and disturbed sleep and as a result tiredness, this had been eventually traced to their car’s A/C system harbouring harmful bacteria and bugs. Full marks to who diagnosed their condition by the way. MC you see, had been under the misguided opinion that only using their A/C if it was really hot was the right thing to do, WRONG it caused their problem. driving a car at speed with windows open causes more drag that driving with them shut and the A/C on, it will use slightly more at idle, but hey, if it’s hot and your in the car and you are in traffic, the last thing you want to be is hot and irritable behind the wheel. My message here is use the A/C at least 10 minutes a week and put it on full heat to dry out the heater box and pipes especially if it has limited use. And if the system is under performing or smells give GDK a call.

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