Running out of fuel

December 28th, 2011 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

Its never a good idea to run out of fuel and we all lead busy lives so there are never enough hours in the day anyway and filling up with fuel is a pain and most modern cars and vans don’t like running out of fuel as air gets into the system and can be a real pain to bleed out and restart the vehicle. So manufacturers build in a safety measure whereby if you are really low on fuel but have not run out totally the system will allow you to complete the journey but on trying to restart it won’t allow the car’s system to restart untill you add fuel, and it will sometimes need more than just a small can. Last week we had an older Rover 400 that had the AA flummoxed. They misdiagnosed it as a sensor fault, one gallon of fuel was not enough to get it going but the second one had it purring again. This was all because the safety system had allowed the journey to be completed on really low fuel but would not restart as the car was so low it could have cut out any second at potentially somewhere dangerous. Bet you never knew that.

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