The light has come on telling me to add coolant.

May 18th, 2013 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

The light that has come on to add coolant will come on for two main reasons, either the coolant is low or the engine has started to overheat this can be for various. My first piece of advice is not to attempt to add coolant if the engine is hot, if the pressure cap is opened when hot it can cause severe scalding. Wait till it cools down first. There are two or three types of coolant these days, but if the coolant has gone down there must be a reason,this needs to be investigated,asap,but if you can top up to get home, follow this.
Identify where the filler is, its not always easy, your hand book should help you here.
In order to top up you need to add the right coolant most modern cars take the red type of coolant but some older cars are green or blue, you need to make sure which type. If you are driving straight to your friendly local garage plain water will do, but take care if its really cold, that will freeze overnight and cause damage.
Coolant usually leaks for a reason, sometimes an external leak can be real tricky to find and we find adding a UV dye into the system helps, we then use googles and if there is a leak we will usually find it.
If in any doubt call your breakdown service as doing the wrong thing can be potentially expensive.

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