Uneven wear on my tyres especially the front ones

June 24th, 2012 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

Many of my customers complain that their tyres wear unevenly on the front and if left unchecked, especially when it is on the [difficult to see] inside edge they can wear down quite quickly. We have had customers bring vehicles in for regular servicing or other unrelated issues, and we have noticed that tyres can be so badly worn that they are down to the inner lining and in some cases the steel inner strengthening is showing. Now that is sooooo dangerous that a blow out at high speed could result, and the potential loss of control caused by sudden deflation at any speed, does not bear thinking about.

Most of the problems with accelerated wear are down to either worn components in the steering/suspension set up, or more likely a wheel alignment issue.Many times speed humps  jumping the kerb,and potholes can cause alignment to”go out” and GDK Garage we advocate regular checking of alignment. One of the ways you can see if your own alignment is out is as you drive along a straight main road, check to see if your steering wheel is straight, and also does your car pull to one side, but the best thing is to check your tyre condition and pressure once a week for uneven wear/inflation. Unless you have a tyre pressure monitoring system which makes things really east to check pressures.

Speed cushions are best tackled  without damage by not straddling them, this ends to push the inner edges of the tyre inwards deforming them, cushions are best driven over by straddling them with one tyre going over the bump, and the other on the flat between the cushions.

I have talked about front wheel alignment but similar things can happen on the rear, many cars have adjustments on their rear set up, but not all, it tends to be the more expensive cars with more complex independent rear suspension systems that are adjustable.

We have the equipment here at GDK Garages to check and adjust most types of alignment on modern vehicles, please call us on 020 8959 6776 to book your appointment.



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