What is a timing/camshaft belt anyway.

October 21st, 2011 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

It is a rubber belt usually about 20cm wide and 3mm thick and has teeth on it running inside the belt from one side to the other. This belt is connected to the lower pulley wheel on the engine,and is pulled round and in so doing it turns other pulley wheels that are connected to it.These other pulley wheels can be the camshaft sprockets, water pump,and possibly others too tensioner wheels are there to to to ensure the belt is not lose and there are usually guide wheels too to ensure smooth running This belt has a limited life span, anything from 4-10 years dependent on the vehicle manufacturers recomendations. It quite often happens that when failure occurs the belt is not at fault but either a guide or tensioner wheel has failed, it is vitally important to replace these when doing a “belt” to leave them is a false economy and many a car has been uneconomical to repair as a result of camshaft/timing belt failure. I hope this helps. As usual we can be contacted via the contact page if you wish to discuss your individual needs.

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