Wheel alignment now available in house

January 2nd, 2012 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Business No Responses

Here at GDK Garages we are always trying to be as self sufficient as possible and provide our customers with as many related services that are necessary to keep today’s modern car driving as it should.So at the end of last year we purchased the latest Supertracker wheel alignment system. Now we can carry out wheel alignment in house, whereas before we used to out source this service. It has made us more efficient and allowed us to be able to set up and adjust wheel alignment to manufacturers specifications. Typical reasons for having WA checked would be,to correct uneven tyre wear usually on either the inside edge (tow out) or the outside edge of the tyre wearing (tow in) or to correct a pull to one side,or after work has been carried out on suspension or steering or after damage by hitting a kerb or pothole. So now we can provide a first class service and get your car back driving as it should be. This compliments our sale of tyres very well as the two services go hand in hand with each other. We are looking forward to a busy and prosperous new year at GDK garages and want to buck the recession trend by being as good as we possibly can for our customers.

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