Parts & Repairs

If we have recommended further work as part of a programme to keep your car on the road, we will only be too happy to quote you, and we are very competitive in our pricing.

Many of our customers pop in on a regular basis if a bulb is blown, or they want their levels and tyre pressures checked. If there is more substantial work that needs to be carried out, we are more than capable of replacing or fixing and welding whatever needs to be done to your vehicle. We have even welded kitchen chairs and household items that have broken. We even get the odd Succah support to weld too.

If you are still reading this and wondering if we can help, then call us for some free advice, it could be worthwhile, you’ll never know unless you make that call.


In line with our commitment to high-quality standards, GDK Garages has a policy of using only recognised brands from reputable suppliers. That way you have the reassurance of knowing your repair is guaranteed to give you safe and trouble-free motoring.

We keep a range of original Vauxhall and VW parts in stock. It is a popular misconception that original parts are more expensive, often the reverse is true, and they’ll also fit correctly and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Morris Minor Parts

As a company we also offer many specialist items for Morris Minors such as:-

* Disc Brake Kits
* Servos
* Updated Torsion Bars
* Adjustable Front Torsion bar
* Fiat Twin Cam Kit Suspension Bushes
* Exhaust Systems
* Unleaded Cylinder Heads

We have quite a range of new and used parts for Minors. We even send parts worldwide. When we arrive in the morning, we never know where the next fax or email will come from. It could be anywhere from Australia to Ireland.

Alex even delivered some parts to Israel recently when he went on a vacation. We can supply anything from a screw to a large floor repair section. If we haven’t got it in stock we will either try and locate it for you or let you know where it is available. We even stock tyres for the Morrises now, either 145/14 or 155/14 radial type.