MOT test exemption for pre 1960 vehicles.

July 9th, 2012 by Alex Feigenbaum Categories: Service & MOT No Responses

The Government, in collusion with whatever think tank it appointed, has decided to exempt from Nov 18th all pre 1960 vehicles from the MOT test. Why on earth would you want to exempt the very vehicles that the test was brought into existence for in the first place, from the test? I see a good many “classic” vehicles, especially Morris Minors as we specialise in them, for the MOT test. Many of these vehicles have been unused for years and sometimes decades, having been in garages and stores having previously failed the MOT and due to lack of funds or interest, they are left there gathering dust and slowly rotting away. Imagine; it will now be legal to get the car back on the road with the minimum of work and then possibly sold to some poor unsuspecting person. It may look good but it could be a potential death trap.

Well done the Government. Not only have you put another nail in the coffin of the best classic car industry of the world, you might even end up with blood on your hands.

Why, oh why have you done this? For over 50 years the annual test has been part of motoring and has saved countless lives as a result, by keeping dangerous cars off the roads. Why mess with current effective legislation?

I just give up, I’m just going to “sign on” now ‘cos I won’t have anything to do soon.

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