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Welcoming, polite, friendly and efficient service. I've been to a fair few garages in my time but intend to stick to this one. Thank you GDK Ruth Mill Hill. 29/09/2013

Using Shane was a tricky decision as my Uncle has is a mechanic and has been taking care of our family cars. But after meeting Shane at BNI - this was a decision i didn't need to think about. Believe it or not, there are better reasons to trust Shane with your car apart from him just being an experienced mechanic.I think Shane skipped school the day they taught words like, laziness,dispassionate,and insensitive. How else can you explain his contagious passion for engineering, respect and more importantly appreciation for a customers business? Although it was a small job fixing my tyre puncture, the service was excellent. I went in at 2:30 and was out by 3:00 Thanks to Shane and the team at GDK Garages for your excellent service. Bhavik Haria PromotionalBusinessVideos.com

GDK always gets us out of troublesome problems. My van was recently repaired at your garage, i was told by the AA that it would need major engine repairs, after 1 hour you identified the problem and had the van running back as normal ready to go out on deliveries again. Saul Hanuna Woodall Refrigeration LondonNW11 19/09/2013

Dear Shane thank-you so much for looking after my car. As this is not the first time I've left my car in your capable hands i will try and come up with some original adjectives to show my gratitude for your service. I'm delighted, over the moon, ecstatic,over-whelmed,and quite happy i suppose(jokes!) with the service and mot performed on my car.i was given a wonderful, state of the art,thoroughly recommended by Jeremy Clarkson, Ford Focus for the day as my run around whilst GDK were working on my lovely Clio. I can't recommend Shane highly enough, his professionalism, attitude and general laid back nature makes it easy to pass on his deeds. Cheers Shane! Samantha Jaclyn September 2013

I just wanted to thank you for fixing the A/C recently on my Toyota during a particularly hot spell of weather. You arranged to have the car into your garage the next day, whilst i was at a meeting near by, and had it fixed within a couple of hours. You also took the opportunity to add some UV dye to the system, so that if the problem persisted leaks could easily be identified. The service you gave was prompt and extremely professional throughout. I was struck by the polite and attentive attitude of your staff- they are a real credit to your business. I would be happy to recommend GDK Garages to my business contacts family and friends. Mike Mac Whirter Im- Press Promotions Watford 13/09/2013

Excellent service from the team at GDK Raj Ajrani 30/07/2013

Niten and Shane were knowledgeable friendly and helpful and deserve recognition for their customer service. (We do have a cold water machine its in the workshop, we keep the customers cool in the office with a/c and the technicians hydrated in the workshop, but you can always ask for a cup of water. Alex) Louis Slabbert Rendezvous BNI Chapter 30/07/2013

I took my car to GDK as i was made aware of their A/C re-gas service and the offer they had running, mine had not been done for over two years. As well as that i had a few minor things i needed looking at. Shane and the team dealt with everything i asked they even topped up the levels and gave me the car back cleaned. I have been using a mechanic for years now, but due to level of service i received he has lost out the GDK. I can recommend Shane and GDK as my garage of choice with full confidence. Richard Peters Fantasy Imaging 22/06/2013

Thank you for a very efficient and neat job with my car. I was dreading changing all four tyres at once. Shane took the sizes and specs and came back to me with a price. I truth he said i could find them cheaper elsewhere, but I'm glad I gave the job to Shane as he took the car at 9am and it was back by lunchtime, and they re-gassed the a/c and it's chilling well, very impressive. My only disappointment was the loan car was a Ford Focus and not the orange Lambo I asked for (it's in high demand book early to avoid disappointment. Alex ) Don't worry I'll still come back next time. Parant Bhudia HatchEnd Eyecare 31/07/2013

GDK Garages relies more on personal relationships than computers. They listen to the customer before they look at the vehicle. David Shapiro TAG Transfers 23/07/2013

Efficient to the extreme. Thank you Shane. David Archer 20/07/2013

I always find the service and service at GDK second to none,and all the staff are very helpful. Morgan Edwards MA WASH and VAC Edgware 24/07/13

Excellent service, my MOT test was done straight away and without fuss. Bernard Misell 05/07/13

I love GDK Garages Says he would love to give us a glowing testimonial, but not till after the 9 O'clock watershed. Shane is a top guy. Serving of ice cream on hot days would be good. BTW IF YOU NEED A DECENT NEWSLETTER USE MARTIN martinsocmed@yahoo.co.uk [ok mart] 05/07/13

I would like once again to take this opportunity to thank you for the help with servicing my car. The service indicator had been on for a while, and Iwas struggling to find time to bring in the car. You prepared a quote and arranged for a courtesy car to be available when I dropped off my car. The courtesy car didn't look special but sure was comfy! (Oyster cards available too Alex) The overall experience was painless, I was advised on some potential issues and my car was back with me the next day with some new tyres and was cleaned. An excellent and friendly service I'd be more than happy to recommend to friends and colleagues alike. Roman Endisch I booked my car in with GDK Garages last week.I spoke to Shane who organised a load car which he bought to me. He took my car serviced it, mot tested it and bought it back clean. The team at GDK provide a fast and efficient and friendly service that i can highly recommend Anthony Bull Anthony Keith Uniforms Thank you for your excellent service yet again. You were able to fix the problems with my car quickly and reassure me about what needed to be done. Your service was fast friendly and very helpful. I will continue to recommend GDK Garages to my friends and family.

Suraj Sodah I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Shane and all the guys at GDK for the work they did on my van. They got it in on time, changes all 4 tyres and the battery at a reasonable price, and got the van back to me within a few hours. As I cannot work with out the van I was pleased with their efficiency, and it came back washed too so I was more than happy. I recommend them to family and friends and will continue to use them myself Kinds regards Michael Clarke

Staff showed an excellent approach and all work was explained to me. I have used Alex on many occasions and would not hesitate in recommending him. Paul Casserley Bond Insurance 07/06/13

I am always happy with the service i receive at GDK. The staff are friendly and always happy to answer any questions i may have. Everything is explained and on this occasion I was even taken under the ramps to see the problem. Have more reading material for women customers. (Happy to say I raided my wife's stack of magazines, don't tell; her life's hard enough, Alex) Anneka Thompson 30/05/13

Shane has always looked after my cars very well, always best service Jalpa. All staff were very helpful & knowledgeable, the work was one very quickly. Great service. I forgot what brakes felt like. Mark Grice from Watford

MOT test was bang on time, staff were quick and helpful. This is the first time i have used this garage. A.Bueno de Mesquita. Mill Hill

Would highly recommend this garage, been using them for years now. Always fair and trustworthy. Tony Michaels.London NW

Fast efficient and reliable. Nikki Davis   I would like to thank Shane @GDK for the almost immediate response to my request for an MOT, it was done within 4 hours of our conversation. Furthermore he managed to solve an electrical problem that had baffled all previous attempts to solve it. I would definitely use you again, and strongly recommend you to anyone Akai Shai-Williams

Dear Shane and the team @GDK Garages. Just a quick note to say that you for your excellent customer service recently when needed. Your staff were friendly and I was treated as a valued customer, which I appreciate a lot. It's such a relief to have finally found a local garage to do a great job and one  that I can recommend to my friends and family. Suraj Sodha.

Excellent service friendly staff. After breaking down I rang GDK, and asked to be recovered to their garage, by the time I got to the garage, they had already ordered the parts and work was well under way. It was carried out swiftly and professionally, top notch service. Alan Ottaway. AO Cleaning services. We don't cut corners we clean them.

Excellent service, staff approach was top notch too. When Shane could not help me, he efficiently past me to Niten, and he sorted me out. Alex did not pay me when I won the quiz. (offered, but you said give the money to charity, which I did, cheeky blighter, Alex) Niten needs more recognition. And can we arrange a better vehicle collection service. Richard Carr. Toucan Roofing, Bushey Herts.

GDK Garages serviced my car to manufacturers specifications, and highlighted other issues which needed to be addressed. All done in a day and a courtesy car provided, very convenient. Roman Endish.

GDK provided a fast, efficient and friendly service. Anthony Bull. Anthony Keith uniforms.

Justin Armstrong says,   great people, all of the workers are nice people. Can I have some food while I'm waiting please?

We have been using GDK Garages for many years. They have always been very helpful and thorough in dealing with my vehicles J. Cowan Mill Hill

Thank you for keeping me updated on the progress on repairing all the issues with the car. Great service as usual. Chayim Freed

Dear Alex, I am so grateful for all the professional service I have received from your Morris Minor specialist, Nick. He has an unrivalled knowledge of these cars and it has been so reassuring to have him check out my 1968 Morris Minor convertible during the recent MOT test at the garage. He is a very pleasant man and offers advice and help with all aspects of the car. Any Morris Minor enthusiast knows just how valuable it is to just talk to such a person about the car, even for a short while. When I have purchased parts from him the unsolicited fitting tips he always gives me have saved me a lot of frustration and time. I am just a little worried that he may retire while my car is still going and then what will I do?! Best wishes Owen Jones

- - -

Hi Alex, I was very happy with the work Shane did for us, putting the ipod connection in to use with our VW stereo.  He emailed me full details of the equipment and prices before the job and I'm very happy with the end product. Regards, Sophie Silverstein

- - -

Dear Alex,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I was with the service (customer and car) I received last week when I brought my car in.

I was kept informed from start to finish and I was lent a car to save me any inconvenience. Your mechanics also managed to fix my central locking on my doors which had been a real pain.  I also quoted "Posh Wash" and my car came back sparkling, happy and well serviced.   I will definitely be using you again and I will be sending others your way.

Keep up the good work.


- - -

Dear Alex, Just a short note to compliment you on the quality and service we received from you and your staff in the past year, I remember my first visit to your garage, when I drove my van home it felt like a new van driving on round wheels. Thank you very much keep up the good work.  Assuring you of our best possible attention at all times. We remain Yours Sincerely For & on Behalf of; PREMIUM SERVICES ELECTRICAL Clive A. Daley 

- - -

Dear Alex, I would like to, once again, thank you for helping me. As you are aware I am a busy plumbing and heating engineer who needs a vehicle to go from job to job. When I started to hear the clutch in my van making a loud grinding noise my heart sank as though this would mean extensive AND expensive repairs. I also thought there might be a further expense of renting another vehicle for a number of days. I called you up and you booked the van in for a check up. I left with a heavy heart not knowing when I would see my beautiful van again.  I'm sure you can imagine my shock when just a few hours later I was contacted by your ever friendly secretary to explain the van was already repaired and ready to go! My van is now a dream to drive and I know that if it ever receives another dent, damaged tyre or even some engine problems I can rely on GDK Garages to repair it quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. I will gladly refer you to anyone needing your services. Very Best Regards, Ben Margulies.

- - -

Dear Alex, I would like to thank you for the swift, efficient and professional services provided to me by your company, GDK Garages Ltd. I was having trouble getting my reliable car to start so I rang the AA.  The AA were unable to identify the fault and advised I have the car towed to a good garage; so I requested the car be brought to you.  Your team immediately set to work on trying to resolve the issue. You also arranged a courtesy car to keep me mobile whilst my car was being fixed.  You also took time to clearly explain the problem (being the immobiliser) and kindly fixed the niggly problem I had with my driver side door.  I am exceptionally happy with the service you and your team provided. My car is now up and running again and feels as good as new. With heartfelt thanks, Marcia Henry (Mrs)

- - -

Dear Alex, Please accept my thanks for the work you and your staff did in getting my truck through it's MOT and back on the road. I was concerned that the major problems with the steering assembly would be costly and take a long time to put right. Your staff quoted the work promptly and competitively, kept me informed throughout the process and got me back on the road in very quick time. Kind regards, Dominic Norton

- - -

To The Team At GDK,

I returned to you all in November when my cars MOT was due, and like normal I had left it right until the last minute!

You did everything you could to fit my appointment in before the looming cut off date and when I arrived, as usual, I was greeted with the same warm smiles, friendly banter, offer of a bowl of porridge and comfy seat to wait in.

You all did a sterling job as always and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my car passed first time, although slightly less surprised to hear that no one expects to see it next year!  Hopefully by the next time I need to come in for an MOT, I'll have a sparkly new car for you to work your magic on.

Meanwhile I won't hesitate in recommending GDK to anyone who needs their MOT or service done quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Kind Regards,

Jo Russell

- - -

Dear Alex and the GDK team, When I have had problems with my cars in the past, I have dreaded going to a garage to have my car looked at because I always felt they'd take one look at me and think 'oh, here comes a young woman who knows nothing about cars or how to keep them or run them properly!' and have subsequently I've left feeling uneasy. This is a sharp contrast with the experiences I've had with GDK Garages. Even though I live in Bushey and there are plenty of garages nearer to me, I continually return to GDK in Mill Hill to have my car MOT'd, serviced and feel confident in returning if ( and inevitably when ) my car acts up. The guys at GDK are fantastic, knowledgeable and have always managed to find a slot in their diary for me when they are run off their feet and I have an MOT deadline looming. GDK staff are well versed in 'layman's terms' and have always been friendly, helpful and prompt. Last time I took my car in I was offered a lift back to the garage when the work was done, a great service which saves me hours on the buses. I was collected by Jonny Razor who was a joy to travel with, and who kept me entertained with tales of his boy racing days!   I am highly confident when I recommend GDK to other as they have given me one less thing to worry about: now when things go wrong I know it can be fixed quickly, efficiently most of al properly! Which reminds me, I heard this funny noise when I was driving the other day... Thank you GDK for keeping me mobile! All the best, Jo

- - -

Dear Alex, It is not often I take any interest in my car with respect to how it performs, works etc. As long as it is working, gets me and my horde of little people from A to B, I take very little notice. Having put my Zafira in for a MOT and service with you, I thought no more of it... until I drove it for the first time after you returned it to me, and WOW - even I noticed a difference. It felt tighter, more responsive, smoother and faster! How and what you did, I will never know, but one thing is for sure, it never came back from the Vauxhall garage feeling that good. In addition you also collected it from my front door and returned it to me with little inconvenience to me as possible. So thank you Alex for the impressive service and all the work you did on my car. With thanks, Sharon, Owner of a very nice running Zafira!

- - -

Dear Alex, Once again I am writing you a testimonial for the quick work that you were able to do on my van. Last weekend someone broke into my van, smashing the front window and damaging the back door. I dropped off my van at your garage on Monday morning and was able to pick it up on the same day with all the repairs done. The work was done professionally and cleanly. I was kept informed of the price throughout the day. Please pass on my thanks to your team. Thanks once again, Ben Margulies

- - -

Hi Alex, Thanks very much for the help and advice yesterday and for the great service that I always get from GDK. Its great to have someone that I can turn to in an area that I know very little about. Also, thanks very much for having a word with my wife about her parking! I came home last night and for the first time in ages the car was parked perfectly and not on / against the pavement. Thanks again. Bruce