We stock a wide range of tyres from the small saloon up to performance cars and quite a few 4×4 tyres also. We stock both branded and budget tyres to suit all pockets. If we do not have the size you require in stock we can usually obtain it the same day as we have four tyre deliveries per day, and we can even collect from our local supplier if needed.

We try to be reasonably competitive on price and we try to also make sure we are convenient for our customers by collecting and delivering their cars to save them the bother of coming to the garage. People are busy enough these days and if we can help we do. We try where possible to fit while the customer waits in our reception area.

Punctures are also repaired if we can do so safely.

All the old tyres are disposed of and taken away by a licensed waste carrier and not dumped in a field. All of our waste oil batteries metal are disposed in a similar manner too.

We are now able to check and reset wheel alignment having very recently purchased a wheel alignment machine, this is something that we didn’t do onsite before,but we can now do to provide our customers with better service.

See our wheel alignment machine in action

Tyre Safety Information

Customers often ask us whether winter tyres are really necessary in the UK.  Another frequent question is how and when to check the condition of our tyres.  These two videos from the UK Tyre Safety Organisation, will explain all and they’re completely independent, so you don’t just have to take our word for it.  Call us or pop in for your tyres checks this winter.


Whether you’ve got just one car or a whole fleet of vehicles the information in this short  video will be invaluable.  Some simple tips to save you money with your motoring and ensure your vehicle is safe on the roads.

Did you know … that under inflated tyres are responsible for thousands of serious injury road accidents every year.  Governments are now taking action and from 2014 all new cars in the UK must have an inbuilt Tyre Presuure Monitoring System?

If you want your car to have the same protection you need Tyrepal.  Find out more here.